Spice Up Your Hair w/ Ceylon Cinnamon: A Simple Alternative to Shampoo

[Warning: Ceylon Cinnamon is a special kind of cinnamon. It has to say CEYLON on the label. Don’t use regular cinnamon. Regular cinnamon seems to be much more acidic and can burn your skin. I believe that Ceylon Cinnamon can burn a little too if you leave it on for too long. Be sure to buy Ceylon Cinnamon and don’t leave it on for longer than a minute. Also, test a small amount at first. If it starts to burn, wash it out. Don’t be stupid. And, buy organic. You don’t know what chemicals or preservatives they might be using in the other stuff.]

I can’t use regular shampoo anymore. Every time I do, my hair feels lifeless for the entire next day. Conditioner doesn’t seem to help, and it leaves a chemical coating on your hair to make you think that the conditioner made your hair softer. I now prefer to use Ceylon Cinnamon. It does a solid job cleaning my hair, removes excess oil (even removes the coconut oil I put on every day), and leaves it smelling nice. Ceylon Cinnamon works much better than all of the other shampoo alternatives I have tried, such as baking soda and honey. When I get out of the shower my hair feels refreshed and easy to manage, not lifeless like it did before. Cinnamon also contains a ton of anti-oxidants which are probably great for your hair as well. 

How to wash your hair with Ceylon Cinnamon:

1. Pour some Ceylon cinnamon on your hands. I prefer to give it 5-10 good shakes. 

2. Rub your hands together and rub the cinnamon in your hair. I like to rub a bit hard in order to get deep into the scalp.

3. Leave on for 15-30 seconds, then wash. If your hair still feels oily after, you can give it one more dose of ceylon cinnamon (again, if it starts to burn at all, wash it out immediately).